Newly released …

February 25 was a very important day for South Hill Designs – we officially launched into the DS world! After months of preparation, we are finally putting our feet through the door and growing as a company. With over 100 charms available – there are so many choices in which one can Share their Story. From Accent Pearls to Birthstone Crystals to Hobby and Sport charms – the possibilities are nearly endless. This is why I love SHD!

I want to share our most recent additions, being revealed yesterday, to our collection.

New 2-26-13

These, along with the others, are available for order through myself or online. Visit to view and/or order online or contact me for more information on how you can earn yours for free!


Controversy between SHD and Origami Owl

I have seen so many blogs and other sites bashing South Hill Designs and Origami Owl – this is normal for competing companies in the DS world. I can’t say much, other than everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. One thing that I find disturbing is a specific comment left on a blog, from a previous representative of SHD.   I will not list names or actual dates, to protect identities – and I will not tolerate negative comments if you happen to know who they are. Be respectful, thanks.

As many people are aware – there is a current lawsuit filed by Origami Owl against South Hill Designs. The minute order shows “Request for Copyright, Trademark, or Patent Information”. Obviously, Origami Owl is pushing for copyright infringement.  Floating lockets have been around for a long time, so I have no idea what is happening with that. After doing some more research, I am now wondering if took Origami Owl to court for the same reason …

Keeping in mind that I am an Artist with SHD – this post in no way shows my opinion on either South Hill Designs or Origami Owl. I have had experience with customer service of both companies and also own product from both companies. I am in now way, shape, or form choosing sides on this – I just wanted to make people aware that not everything you read is true … and being a brand new company, SHD deserves to have the truth known.  Usually, you only hear or read ONE side of a negative experience – and this venting seems to not ever be revised.

Here is “Jan’s” story:

I left South Hill Designs as an Artist after only a few weeks. I could mention many things that I don’t like about the company and the promises that they make, failing to follow through with. However, I will focus on my main issue. I earned $xxx.xx in commission during the time I was an active Artist.  I terminated my account – I have yet to receive it. I was told that the check was sent via USPS, but no information was shown by searching the tracking number on the USPS website. Though I was told I didn’t earn a commission check, I took a screen shot before I deleted my account.

Now, after speaking with a friend of mine, “Terri” – another SHD Artist who signed up under this individual – truth will be told.

I actually found SHD through a giveaway around Thanksgiving. I won a mini locket, a charm, & a droplet through her. I was so excited looking at Jan’s website that I decided to sign up. She told me she would upgrade me to a medium with crystals & throw in a couple extra charms for signing up. I signed up December 1st before midnight & she messaged me the next morning and said she would order my locket.

On the 5th, Jan messaged me and said that her card was charged for my order but they couldn’t find the actual order in the system. She claimed she had talked to someone at Home Office and that the one who would handle this was already gone for the day.  Then, on the 8th, Jan messaged me and said that the charge was reversed and she would reorder it for me.

Jan made a big deal about how she ordered it on Nov 28th, and the charge was just being reversed … that obviously made me think something was sketchy. Jan had originally told me she ordered it the day after I signed up, because she was waiting for confirmation that I signed up. This way, she could upgrade my locket.

The 9th, Jan left SHD. I called her to find out what was going on. She was ranting and raving about BS. When I mentioned the locket that she was supposed to order for me, she said they never reversed the charge. I said ‘I thought it went back the other day’ and she denied it saying that the charge was never reversed and Home Office refused to do anything about it.

Well clearly at that point, I knew she was a total fraud who would straight out lie to anyone about anything. For some strange reason, I didn’t say anything … I think I was secretly hoping she was still going to send me stuff.

On the 10th I messaged Jan and asked her what she was planning on doing with her product. We were discussing me buying it from her – she said I had first dibs, since I asked first. After I got the okay from my husband on the price (30 minutes later) I messaged her. I was told she sold it to someone else, but she still had the mini locket for me that I won in the giveaway. I provided her with a ups label to send me the locket. To this day I haven’t received anything from her.

I was assigned another upline, Rachael,  when Jan left. I messaged Rachael and told her everything that happened between Jan and I. Rachael looked into it and informed me that HO never received an order from Jan and they never had a problem with an order of hers getting lost. HO felt bad that I had been lied to and a few days later I received a package from them that had the locket, droplet, & charms that this individual promised me.

I am not one to get involved in disputes, but when it come to someone being totally unhonest – I have to say something.

I have never had a problem with customer service, orders getting lost, charges not being reversed if necessary, or anything since signing up with SHD.  I think all the person was upset because things didn’t go her way, and now wants to try and give SHD a bad name.

After being with numerous DS companies, I will honestly say that SHD’s customer service is among the most friendly that I have dealt with. Whether calling or PMing on Facebook, they quickly respond and are more than helpful.